Walkers' Choice

Walkers' Choice Award

Introduced in 2010 to promote the theme “Good Walking is Good Business,” the Walkers' Choice Award honors the business community’s efforts in creating lively, walker-friendly places. The Walkers' Choice  Award recognizes businesses, retailers, or institutions that go above and beyond the basics to create lively and inviting environments for pedestrians. People who walk know that life takes place on foot. Sidewalks and streets are much more than corridors to move people from one place to the next—with thoughtful and creative design and care they can be engaging and meaningful public place.

Here are a list of Walkers’ Choice Award recipients:

The Neighborhood Restaurant/Union Square Main Streets, Somerville
Walk through Union Square on a Saturday morning and you are bound to see a crowd gathered outside The Neighborhood Restaurant. People from all over Somerville enjoying coffee and conversation as they bring life and excitement to the square. WalkBoston celebrates The Neighborhood Restaurant and Union Square Mainstreets for fostering a welcoming pedestrian environment. People who walk know that the best of urban life takes place on foot. Sidewalks and streets are much more than corridors to move people from one place to the next—with thoughtful and creative uses and designs they can be engaging and meaningful public places.

JP Centre/South Main Streets First Thursday Program, Jamaica Plain
Jamaica Plain’s First Thursday gives businesses, residents and visitors another way to connect, showcasing local artists’ works in more than 35 businesses. Held every month year-round, First Thursday’s mission is to enhance and strengthen the Jamaica Plain Centre/South business district to become a vibrant center of commercial and community activities for JP and surrounding communities. Participants walk the sidewalks and catch up with neighbors or make new friends, get some exercise, and build a stronger community.


Borders Books, Downtown Crossing, Boston
Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Rosemarie Sansone, President of the Downtown Boston BID and the WalkBoston Board presented Borders at Downtown Crossing with the inaugural Walkers’ Choice Award. The Borders at Downtown Crossing (now closed) was a model retail neighbor with its engaging storefront book carts, author events, café and public seating area, public restrooms, and generous hours of operation. Borders was a key destination and lively anchor for the surrounding community.

To nominate a local business in your neighborhood email us at info@walkboston.org . These places should be alive with human interaction. The proprietors should go the extra mile, whether through extending their opening hours and enlivening the street early or late in the day, providing for the upkeep of spaces they don’t necessarily own or lease, or creating special attractions that engage pedestrians and enhance street life.