WalkBoston has given presentations in a variety of settings, from lunch & learn talks to panel sessions at international conferences. Many of our presentation slides are available here.

Being an advocate

Ped Advocacy 101 — Starting in 2016, we have offered free info sessions at our office on this topic 1-2x a month. Sign up here. Our goal is to help build the constituency of people that are comfortable to speak up for walking in their own community. This slide show provides citizens with effective techniques for pedestrian advocacy initiatives at the community level. Ped101

For Businesses

Good Walking is Good Business — Pedestrian facilities are a vital element of the public realm, serving all businesses and residents. They pay off in increased retail sales, healthier employees and higher real estate values. Businesses gain wherever walking conditions are improved. Good Walking is Good Business

For your health

Walk Your Way To Healthwalking is the closest thing to a magic bullet for health. Learn how walking lowers your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and more. Walk Your Way To Health