WalkBoston participates in a wide variety of programs and initiatives crafted to make walking safer and easier in ever city and town in Massachusetts. Below are some of the programs and services we offer to students, businesses and individuals working to improve the year-round walking conditions in their communities.

Featured Programs

Rural Walking WalkBoston, sponsored by the state Department of Public Health, has been challenged to explore the possibility of improving walking conditions for residents of the state’s rural or semi-rural areas. “Rural” in Massachusetts means places with relatively low population densities - over half of the state’s municipalities, according to the U.S. Census. Read More
Research WalkBoston has undertaken several research projects that directly address some of the questions we have encountered during our advocacy activities or during programs that we have carried out to encourage walking. Our primary research projects focused on identifying tools to enhance public participation in transit planning by under-represented populations and tools to identify schools with significant opportunities for shifting from school drop-off to walking or biking to school. Read More
For Communities WalkBoston works with communities across Massachusetts to help them evaluate the walking environment, develop plans to improve walking conditions, engage local residents and municipal staff in walking activities and market walking as a convenient, healthy and inexpensive transportation choice. Read More
For Businesses Pedestrian facilities are a vital element of the public realm, serving all businesses and residents. They pay off in increased retail sales, healthier employees and higher real estate values. Businesses gain wherever walking conditions are improved. Read More

Regular Programs

Teen-Senior Programs In efforts reaching out to young people, WalkBoston developed training programs, materials, and a curriculum to teach teens how to work with public agencies and developers to support the walking needs of their communities. Read More
Snow Programs In response to many comments from Massachusetts pedestrians and observations by our board members and staff, WalkBoston has developed seven basic recommendations to improve sidewalk snow and ice clearance. Read More
Safe Routes to School Today, less than 15% of children walk or bike to school. As a result, kids today are less active, less independent and less healthy. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs are designed to reverse this trend by getting more children walking and bicycling to schools on a daily basis. Read More
Central Artery & Greenway From the beginning, WalkBoston pushed to insure that the new space created above the underground Central Artery would be a terrific walking environment that would once more connect Boston to its harbor. Our work created a prime walkable destination for residents and visitors both. Read More