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WERS 88.9   |  Aug 5, 2013   |  By Victoria Bedford
Building Boston This week, You Are Here explores the city of Boston with an eye on development. Between 1630 and 1880, the city of Boston tripled in size. Its location, prime territory on a harbor, allowed it to attract trade, immigrants and resources. It used these resources to establish itself as a port town, a trading center. From there, it went on to be one of the nation’s industrial hubs. And from there- to a college town, with districts known for the arts and sciences. The city has never really stopped growing. As it’s run out of space, we simply started building upwards. This week, we’ll take a look at some of the driving forces behind the city and the ways in which they’ve shaped your city. We’ll look at some proposed developments and changes, both to the city itself and the process behind decision-making. Read More
KCET City Walk   |  Jul 18, 2013   |  By
Bostonians Talk The Walk Nicknamed "The Walking City", Boston hosts more pedestrian commuters than do other comparably populated cities. Owing to factors such as the compactness of the city and large student population, 13% of the population commutes by foot, making it the highest percentage of pedestrian commuters in the country out of the major American cities. Read More
Community Advocate   |  Jul 10, 2013   |  By Sue Wambolt, Contributing Writer
Northborough residents walk their way to health Northborough – As part of Northborough’s “Building a Healthy Northborough” initiative, the town is partnering with WalkBoston on a new walking map. “WalkBoston focuses on getting people outside and walking on sidewalks,” said Joubert. “We planned the routes in town around the emphasis on using sidewalks. I initially selected the routes due to their scenic quality and varied distances. The routes are not physically marked on the streets, but the maps are easy to follow. Read More
Newton TAB   |  Jul 9, 2013   |  By Jim Morrison
Newton Center pedestrians feel less safe Dorothea Hass, senior project manager for the pedestrian advocacy group, Walk Boston, said that her group often supports concurrent signalization because it shortens the pedestrian wait for traffic, but never at the expense of safety. “I think this intersection is unsafe and the [designer’s] primary concern has been vehicular movement,” said Hass. “I’m shocked that they haven’t given more consideration to pedestrian safety.”
AARAP Livable Communities   |  Jun 20, 2013   |  By
Good Walking is Good Business Local businesses thrive in densely-populated, walkable communities. According to the presentation, workplace fitness and wellness programs have been shown to reduce employer health-care costs by 20 to 50 percent. Working in a walkable community allows employees of local businesses to walk to work, lunch or any other destination they may need to go to during the workday.
Barr Foundation   |  May 24, 2013   |  By Mary Skelton Roberts
Active, Healthy, Ready to Learn (and Fighting Climate Change) with Safe Routes to School In 1969, about half of all American children walked or biked to school. Of those who lived within a mile from school, 87% of children walked or biked. Today, less than 15% do. This has enormous implications not only for reducing vehicle emissions and morning gridlock, but also for children’s health and readiness to learn. WalkBoston has been working on this issue since 2001, when it piloted a first Safe Routes to School Program in Arlington, a Boston suburb. This program was so successful that it spread to other communities in Metro Boston. Meanwhile Safe Routes to School has become a national and even international movement – with many states and localities trying to figure out how and where to implement these approaches. Read More
WBUR   |  May 15, 2013   |  By Sacha Pfeiffer
As Millennials Shun Cars, Boston Rethinks Its Transportation System A new report about Americans and their cars says the driving boom is over. It calculates that the average number of miles driven in the United States has been declining annually for the past several years and will keep dropping. Advocates of alternative transportation say that means that as Massachusetts and other states make decisions about roads versus more bike- and pedestrian-friendly projects, they shouldn’t “build projects for tomorrow based on assumptions from yesterday.” Read More
Massachusetts Municiple Association   |  May 13, 2013   |  By Public Health Liaison D.J. Wilson
Walkability can boost physical and economic health A new presentation by WalkBoston, an advocacy group that serves all of Massachusetts, shows how an increase in pedestrian traffic provides a boost for local businesses. The slideshow, “Good Walking is Good Business,” is available at According to WalkBoston, homeowners and employees do not want to be dependent on a car for every trip from home. Employers may also be looking to locate in areas that have more of a “village” feel, instead of an industrial park off an interstate highway. Read More   |  May 3, 2013   |  By Terri Ogan
WalkBoston Honors Gloucester with Golden Shoe Award WalkBoston has recently awarded the city of Gloucester the Golden Shoe award for its efforts to make the city more pedestrian friendly. The non-profit organization, which aims to improve walking conditions in cities and towns across the state, has recognized Gloucester for its recent achievements, which include: (1) Creating “Gloucester HarborWalk” to promote accessibility and walkability around Gloucester’s working waterfront (2) Increasing funding to dramatically improve sidewalks and development of a Complete Streets Plan to identify gaps in the existing sidewalk system, (3) Advocating for a transportation bond to improve sidewalks around Gloucester’s elementary schools and to establish a Safe Routes to School assessment for O’Maley Middle School. Read More
Walk Score   |  Mar 22, 2013   |  By Jocelyn Milici Ceder
10 Tips to Advocate for Biking and Walkability Want to advocate for improved walking and biking infrastructure, but not sure how to start? Anywhere you live, there is likely to be a walking or biking non-profit ready to help you get involved or be a voice for change. From group bike rides to lobbying tools to encouraging kids to walk or bike more—a bevy of resources is at your fingertips. Read More
The Metro   |  Mar 22, 2013   |  By Morgan Rousseau
WalkBoston to hold Annual Walk Over 200 people are expected to gather near North Station then hike over the new North Bank pedestrian bridge, which curves under the Zakim Bridge and over the MBTA commuter rail tracks. The walk will not only raise money for WalkBoston, but will celebrate what organizers describe as “an essential link” between the riverfront parks. Read More
The Metro   |  Feb 20, 2013   |  By Morgan Rousseau
‘Revere Walks:’ WalkBoston micro documentary advocates for Safe Routes to School In 1969, about half of all American children walked or biked to school, today that number is less than 15%. As a result, kids today are less active, less independent and less healthy. Not only are children today less likely to get their recommended amount of daily activity, but the morning rush of cars during pick up and drop off makes the air around schools thick with pollution. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs are designed to reverse this trend. Read More   |  Oct 31, 2012   |  By Elizabeth Broth
Bostonians Talk the Walk In Bostonians Walk the Talk Elizabeth Broth paints a holistic picture of the many ways WalkBoston is changing the public's perceptions about walking while also working on policy efforts to make it easier for folks to incorporate walking into their daily lives Read More
MassDOT Blog Commonwealth Conversations   |  Oct 20, 2012   |  By
Moving Together 2012: Record Attendance Conference attendees shared their ideas on strategies to promote mode shift. Wendy Landman (WalkBoston), David Watson (MassBike), Steve Miller (Livable Streets) and Catherine Cagle (MassDOT) from the new Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board focused on the mode shift ideas generated at the conference which will be shared with Secretary Davey. Read More
Boston Public Radio   |  Aug 20, 2012   |  By Boston Public Radio Staff
Pounding the Boston Pavement with Bob Sloane Today we talk with Robert Sloane, the founder of WalkBoston. Sloane was recently honored at the White House for his efforts to promote walking in Boston. WalkBoston advocates for investment in "walking infrastructure," and hopes to get communities together to support this primal, primary method of transportation. Read More
Safety Research & Strategies, Inc.   |  Aug 16, 2012   |  By
Why are Pedestrian Deaths Rising? Here’s a traffic safety fact: You don’t really know if an increase in the raw number of pedestrian fatalities really represents an upward trend unless you know how many pedestrians there are and how many miles they’ve walked. That didn’t stop the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from releasing a micro report on the subject, based on data collected for its annual compendium of crash statistics Traffic Safety Facts. Wendy Landman, executive director of WalkBoston, says “What this report doesn’t get into is exposure,” Landman says. “We have one piece of the picture and only one piece. We need better data and more explicative data that could help us figure out what’s going on.” Read More   |  Aug 9, 2012   |  By Taryn Plumb
To prod residents to hoof it, towns map out walking routes If you live in Milford or Franklin, you no longer have an excuse not to get out and walk. Through a collaboration between the two towns, the nonprofit WalkBoston organization, and the Hockomock Area YMCA, each community now has its own downtown walking map outlined with numerous routes, time markers, and various points of interest.   |  Aug 8, 2012   |  By Matt Rocheleau
White House honors leading member of pedestrian advocacy group WalkBoston Robert Sloane, a senior project manager for WalkBoston and a former assistant transportation secretary for the state, was recognized last week as one of 14 “Transportation Innovators,” who were selected from candidates across the country by the White House’s “Champions for Change” program.
Metro   |  Jul 20, 2012   |  By Morgan Rousseau
Do you know Boston enough to Step On It? WalkBoston's sidewalk scavenger hunt was named a not to miss weekend event by the Metro. "WalkBoston is preparing to host 'Step On It,' its first ever sidewalk scavenger hunt, in Downtown Boston."
BostInno   |  Jul 12, 2012   |  By Steve Annear
New Bridge For Bikers and Pedestrians Connects Charlestown to Cambridge Starting Friday, pedestrians and cyclists (ok, fine, rollerbladers, too) will have a new way to get from Charlestown to Cambridge, without hopping in their car. Wendy Landman, Executive Director of Walk Boston, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to improving walking conditions in cities and towns across Massachusetts, called it “a fantastic project.” Read More