Boston: South End, Hip & Historic Walking Map

Boston: South End, Hip & Historic Walking Map

In Boston, America’s Walking City, the South End is a favorite of locals and visitors. It’s a compact, lively neighborhood that is easy to access from Downtown, Back Bay, and many hotels and tourist destinations. Walking along the flat, shady streets of the South End, you’ll be charmed by this “historic district”—the largest group of Victorian structures in the country. Long an immigrant neighborhood, the South End still retains its diversity. Its distinctive architecture is invigorated by an array of unique restaurants, art galleries and gift/dress/furniture shops. You can cover a lot of distance by walking just a few minutes in the South End—the seven city blocks from Copley Square to Tremont Street take 10-15 minutes to walk and cover a half mile. During a round trip of 20-30 minutes, you’ll get the health benefits of walking one full mile while enjoying the area!

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