Boston: Harborwalk Map

Boston: Harborwalk Map

Bostonians have always had a love-hate relationship with Boston Harbor and the waterfront. We alternately embrace it and shun it; thrive on its wealth and beauty and then pollute and isolate it. But the bond remains.

Over the past 30 years we’ve started to better appreciate the treasure in our backyard. the wharves are being reborn to lure people back, along with the allure of the aquarium, restaurants, housing, and hotels. The Harbor Islands, forgotten treasures, have been rediscovered. In the past ten years pollution has been cut to a fraction of its former levels. And of course the Central Artery has been replaced with parkland, re-knitting the city and the waterfront. To see it all, there’s the Harborwalk, hugging the water’s edge along much of the waterfront, offering views of the harbor up close.

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