Holyoke Downtown Pedestrian Plan

Holyoke Downtown Pedestrian Plan

In writing this Downtown Pedestrian Plan, we were impressed over and over again at the palpable excitement and energy with which Holyoke is revitalizing. This revitalization is both physical – mill building re-use, library and park renovations, Canal Walk expansion and downtown streets re-designed – and societal with civic and public groups coming together to create new forums for all members of the community to work together.

The fund-raising that has and is continuing to fund the revitalization has been a vehicle for bringing together groups and residents who until now have not worked closely together. Today, the City, the Chamber of Commerce and the Innovation District Task Force are gathering forces to encourage local skill building and entrepreneurship as the city revitalizes.

The Downtown Pedestrian Plan calls for the City and property owners to make low cost, easily implementable improvements. Holyoke is fortunate to have retained its downtown block structure intact. The narrow streets, lined with historical buildings create an appealing walkable environment and discourage speeding. Intersections are designed with tight curb radii, and WALK signals and crosswalks provide easy street crossings. Finally, the sidewalks are sufficiently wide and well maintained. Livelier storefronts and a greater range of shops would enliven the walking and customer experience.


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