“Keep it clear” – WalkBoston’s Snow Removal Report

“Keep it clear” – WalkBoston’s Snow Removal Report

Sidewalks are key to Massachusetts’ transportation infrastructure. Walking is an integral part of virtually all journeys and has health, environmental and community benefits. Year-round walkable sidewalks deserve the attention and encouragement of all levels of government and all members of the community. Improving the pedestrian realm serves us all. Snowy and icy sidewalks pose a challenge to Massachusetts pedestrians.

Most cities and towns hold property owners responsible for clearing sidewalks abutting their property, yet sidewalks often remain impassable days after a storm. Even in municipalities with adequate snow removal ordinances, enforcement does not keep up with those who do not clear, and current state law limits fines to no more than $10 per day in towns or $50 per day in cities. In response to many comments from Massachusetts pedestrians and observations by our staff, WalkBoston has developed basic recommendations to improve sidewalk snow and ice clearance.

Download WalkBoston’s Snow Removal Report (PDF)

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