Beachmont Neighborhood, Revere – Cummings Square Walk Audit

Beachmont Neighborhood, Revere – Cummings Square Walk Audit

The Beachmont Improvement Committee (BIC) and City of Revere Staff identified Cummings Square as an area in need of improved walking infrastructure given the number of pedestrians moving through the square, its proximity to Beachmont Veterans Memorial School, and the fast-moving traffic experienced by neighborhood residents. The City Department of Public Works (DPW) is in the process of repaving several of the roads surrounding the square (Crescent Avenue and Orchard Street), which will allow some of the short-term recommendations described in this memorandum to be put in place quickly. The long-term recommendations should be considered as priority projects to be named in the Revere Complete Streets Prioritization Plan or other infrastructure planning document.

To access the complete report, please click the link below.


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