Walking Around South Boston’s Andrew Square

Walking Around South Boston’s Andrew Square

Spurred by engaged citizens and Councilor Ed Flynn’s office, WalkBoston led a pedestrian safety walk around the Andrew Square neighborhood of South Boston on Wednesday, December 4th. Area residents, Andrew Square Civic Association members, Councilor Flynn and staffers engaged in a lively discussion about current threats to pedestrian safety and a history of pedestrian injuries in and along Andrew Square, Old Colony Ave, Preble Street, Dorchester Street and Dorchester Avenue. The area has seen a number of development projects, with a significant amount yet to come in the future along Dorchester Avenue guided by PLAN: South Boston Dot Ave. Walking through the neighborhood, residents and WalkBoston staff noted various safety concerns driven by augmented traffic volume that has negatively impacted people walking or biking within the neighborhood and to the T station.

Attendees offered many potential solutions, including speed reduction, new crosswalks and restriping, road diets, bike lanes, and improved pedestrian signaling. After a snow storm, the walk also provided an opportunity to observe snow removal practices in action and areas of improvement. WalkBoston looks forward to supporting Andrew Square residents in advocating for policies and improvement measures that result in safer streets for everyone.

Development projects in the area impact pedestrian routes.
Parking close to crosswalks reduces visibility and pedestrian safety.
Snow and ice produce new challenges for walkers.
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