Second WalkMassachusetts Network Forum Convenes in Framingham

Second WalkMassachusetts Network Forum Convenes in Framingham

On February 12, WalkBoston staff and members of the WalkMassachusetts Network convened for a second Network-wide forum in Framingham. The WalkMassachusetts Network is a statewide network of advocacy organizations, municipal committees, and community groups working on improving walkability. WalkBoston created the Network in 2018 with the aim of supporting and connecting local advocates to build capacity for advancing walkability across the Commonwealth. WalkMassachusetts Network members are experts on their communities and help WalkBoston stay up to date on the diversity of assets, opportunities and challenges to walking in cities and towns across the state. 

The second Network forum held last month was an opportunity for current and new members to connect, share knowledge, and learn best practices. Attendees represented 13 communities across the state, including Fall River, Worcester and Springfield. During the half-day forum, members shared wins for walkability in their communities over the past year, which most notably included more funding for Complete Streets and sign projects in multiple communities, new resident snow removal ordinances in Medford and Watertown, a rural walking map and more community engagement in the Hilltowns, and a successful 25th annual Big Walk in Fall River. The Network also participated in “advocacy clinics,” which were discussions about a series of topics related to walkability: Age-Friendly, Safety, Legislation and Policy, Stakeholder Engagement. In these discussions, attendees and WalkBoston staff shared their first-hand knowledge and best practices, which we can all apply to our work moving forward. WalkBoston also shared information and resources about the new Hands-Free policy, which went into effect in February. The many diverse voices and experiences from members, whether they represented rural or urban communities and worked at the grassroots or municipal level, generated engaging and informative discussions that we hope to continue in our work together. 

The WalkMassachusetts Network will continue to strategize and plan future Network activities this year, including efforts to continue growing membership. If your community, advocacy or municipal group is working on walkability, please consider joining the Network. See our WalkMassachusetts Network page for more information and fill out this form to join.

Network members share community walking wins.
Network members and staff discuss solutions to walkability challenges.
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