Speak up for a People First Northern Avenue Bridge

Speak up for a People First Northern Avenue Bridge

The wonderful, pedestrian-focused Northern Avenue Bridge that WalkBoston has continued to advocate for over the past 20 years is in jeopardy!

This Wednesday, May 6 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, the City of Boston is holding a virtual public meeting to share the design they have selected. WalkBoston, LivableStreets, and the Boston Cyclists Union ask that the City commit to a bridge design that is only open to  pedestrians, bicycles, and emergency vehicles. We are asking City Council not to approve this project in the budget until this commitment has been made. As reported in North End Waterfront.com, the project was described to the Wharf District Council meeting last week as follows:

The harbor-facing side will be exclusively for pedestrian use, while the second side facing the Moakley bridge will serve a single bus/shuttle line, as well as cyclists and emergency vehicles.” 

Since December 2019, the City has shifted its approach from a walking/biking/emergency vehicle-only design to one that includes a bus/shuttle lane. Touted as a “people first” design, the City revealed drawings depicting no vehicles, while at the same time stating shuttles and emergency vehicles would be allowed on the bridge. All of the renderings shown to date continue to leave out this critical detail. 

Here are three ways you can get involved this week: 

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