Eight people killed while walking in August.

Eight people killed while walking in August.

In August, drivers have hit and killed at least 8 people walking in Massachusetts, more than in any other month in 2020. We don’t know all the details of the crashes yet, and honestly we may never know. 

What we do know is that these deaths were preventable. As an organization, WalkBoston continues to push for fundamental changes in our transportation system that work to eliminate pedestrian deaths and ensure safe mobility for all. We will look at these crash locations and see if there is a missing crosswalk or extra wide lanes that may have contributed to these crashes.  And if so, we’ll advocate for road design changes to slow traffic down and help prevent tragedies from happening again. But, our efforts will not bring these eight people back. 

Date of crashCommunityTimeNameAge
August 2, 2020Fall River9:20 AMDolores McHenry81
August 3, 2020Webster7:00 AMRichard Tetreault87
August 9, 2020Hopkinton3:30 PMLaurie Cain65
August 11, 2020Brockton8:52 PMMichelle Shelley Maxwell55
August 13, 2020Concord10:30 AMJennifer Bemis67
August 15, 2020Quincy11:20 AM(unknown, Canton man)68
August 15, 2020Boston – Dorchester (Peabody Sq)11:45 PMQualan Joseph Powell33
August 17, 2020Brockton11:50 PMJoseph Driscoll62

Sources: WalkBoston crash tracker | MassDOT Crash Portal

We need to make sure to all work together to make our roads safer for people to walk, bike and roll, and save other families from the pain of losing a loved one. If you live in one of these communities and want resources, contact us at info@walkboston.org

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