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Walkable school campus design is back!

Walkable school campus design is back!

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With the design and construction of many new schools in Massachusetts, WalkBoston is busy once again working to ensure that the proposed site plans prioritize students walking to school. We just met with HMFH Architects and Crosby|Schlessinger|Smallridge to discuss the Arlington High School Building project this week at the request of some of our Arlington supporters.

Just a reminder that we published Walk to School? But how do I find the front door?: Strategies for designing a walkable school campus a couple of years ago. It’s as relevant as ever. Download your copy today.

Ellis School Walk Audit

Ellis School Walk Audit

The Ellis School is concerned about the safety of children walking to school. Students at the Ellis are encouraged to walk to school through Walking School Buses and events such as Walk-to-School Day. However, WalkBoston observed that cross- ing the streets, especially Walnut Avenue, where drivers regularly go 35 mph and over, is unsafe for children. This Walk Audit recommends street changes to slow traffic.

Read the full report here:

Check out our new report – Walk to school? But how do I find the front door? Strategies for improving pedestrian safety through walkable campus design.” (Click for instructions to download PDF).

Walking rarely enters the conversation when new schools are planned. In fact, the regulatory and approval
processes focus on facilitating bus and automobile access to schools, and ensuring that there is sufficient
parking. Public meetings are usually dominated by those who complain about traffic volumes or inadequate
parking – not by those who seek a safe walking route to school. It happens in wealthy communities and low-
income communities alike. In most cases, it’s not that drivers are given priority over walkers, it’s that nobody
is thinking about walking. And that needs to change.

This report was prepared by WalkBoston for Mass in Motion, an initiative of the MA Department of Public Health.


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Codman Academy Walk Audit

Codman Academy Walk Audit

In 2014, a student was struck and seriously injured on Epping Street, a one block, one lane roadway bordering the Codman Academy. The 9th grade student got off an MBTA bus and started walking across Epping Street and was hit by a car. The student was hospitalized.

Epping Street is a one-way street used by drivers to avoid traffic signals at Norfolk and Talbot. This usage represents safety hazards for the students and faculty at Codman Academy. This report looks at the safety benefits of closing Epping Street.

Information for this report was collected and analyzed by 10th grade students at Codman Academy as part of their physics and math classes in the fall and winter of 2014-2015. They were assisted in this effort by staff from WalkBoston, a non-profit walking advocacy organization.

Read the full report here:

Hill School Recommendations – Revere

Hill School Recommendations – Revere

WalkBoston has reviewed the proposed recommendations for the new Hill School.  In our review, we found that with the developer’s best efforts to keep traffic moving, drivers are given too many choices. These choices will create longer wait times during drop off and dismissal, as well as create confusion.  Our concerns and our recommendations below will create a safer walking environment for all pedestrians in the school area, as well as create an efficient drop off and pick up policy.

WalkBostonRecommendations-Hill School