WalkMassachusetts Network

WalkMassachusetts Network

WalkBoston is building a statewide network of advocacy organizations, municipal committees, and community groups working on walking. The Network will amplify the impact by strengthening local voices.

Just announced: our 1st meeting will take place on December 1st at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. RSVP Now!

The WalkMassachusetts Network connects and supports new, emerging, and existing local organizations. Key features of the Network include community and statewide sharing of advocacy techniques, member recruitment strategies, and approaches for securing improvements to the built environment. Many organizations and committees have questions about how to build a constituency for improving local walking.

Highlighted communities include a group or groups that are taking part in the WalkMassachusetts Network. Does your organization want to be involved? Please get in touch!

Network benefits include:

Biannual statewide gatherings that foster peer-to-peer learning and sharing of tools, strategies and best practices among network organizations.

Year-round targeted communications focused on local issues through a group listserv/online sharing platforms.

One-on-one technical support and training to Network organizations for local initiatives, such as building constituencies for improving local walking and working with municipal staff and elected officials to implement simple, low-cost, and easy-to-build walking safety improvements.

Methods to inform legislators about walking issues such as distracted driving, budget priorities for active transportation investments, and use of new safety measures.

Guidance on the use of outreach tools, such as Facebook pages or email newsletters, that are easy and inexpensive to use.

FAQs about the WalkMassachusetts Network